Short-Stay Rehabilitation

Our goal is to restore each patient to his or her previous ability. While we understand that this is not always possible, we believe that this high standard of care is what enables us to help so many achieve and even exceed their personal rehabilitative goals. Learn more about our rehabilitative philosophy and contact us to schedule a tour or start the admissions process.

Rehabilitation from the Start

Our team of skilled care professionals perform preliminary evaluations for each patient. Following this evaluation, the entire rehabilitation team meets to develop a full-scope, personalized rehabilitation plan. Then, the team meets with the family to discuss the plan and ensure that everyone is working together to provide the care necessary for each patient.

Three-Step Process

  • Step 1: Individual Evaluation of Each Patient
  • Step 2: Full-Scope Plan Developed by Entire Care Team
  • Step 3: Discuss the Rehabilitation Plan with the Entire Family

Physical therapy begins soon after the initial evaluation, even while the patient’s care plan is being developed. This intensive therapy is designed with the goal of helping the patient reach 100% of their prior function.

Adaptable Rehabilitation

As patients progress through their care program, the same intensive plan may not be necessary. As part of our regular process, patients undergo reassessments to determine their progress and enable their care team to make adjustments to their plan. Ongoing adjustments can be made to the patient’s rehabilitation plan between the periodically scheduled full assessments. For patients that don’t require intensive rehabilitation stays at our facility, we also provide outpatient care.

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End of Care

The end of the stay is not the end of the care.

We believe that rehabilitative care doesn’t end when a patient is ready to exit the facility. In order to maintain and continue to improve the patient’s function, their care must continue. To help facilitate the return home, we’ve developed a complete protocol to help patients and families transition to their normal lives as easily as possible. As a patient begins to exhibit signs of improvement, the care team then plans to send the patient home.

End of Therapy Plan

  • A timeframe for discharge is created
  • The family and care team discuss the discharge timeline
  • The family and care team determine what will need to happen at home
  • A home evaluation may be required to prepare for the patient’s return
  • A patient can be referred to home health care if necessary

All of these steps help to ensure that a patient can return home and stay home. We pride ourselves on keeping readmissions to a minimum and try to equip patients and their families with the necessary tools to continue rehabilitation at home. We believe that our patients should return to their regular lives as quickly and as completely as possible, and each step of our rehabilitation plan – from evaluation to end of therapy – is intended to facilitate this goal.

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Physical Therapy Services

physical therapy exerciseIn addition to our complete rehabilitative care services, we offer a variety of other physical therapy services as well.

  • Wound Care
  • Orthotics
  • Prosthetic Consultation
  • Amputation
  • Orthopedics
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Joint Stiffness and Contractures
  • Transfer Care
  • Modalities such as electrical stimulation, short wave diathermy and ultrasounds

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Speech Therapy

We regularly work with patients who are recovering from a stroke or are experiencing other speech difficulties. Our therapists develop customized rehabilitation plans for each patient. Some of these speech therapy services include:

  • Ongoing eating and diet management
  • Individualized dysphasia program
  • VitalStim dysphagia therapy
  • Voice and swallowing therapy
  • Alternative communication and speech production

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Occupational Therapy

As part of our goal to help patients return to their previous ability, we have intensive occupational therapy programs. These programs are intended to help patients regain the function of daily life and return to normal activities as quickly and as completely as possible.

  • Customized adaptations
  • Wheelchair assessments
  • Cognitive dementia programs
  • Assistive device training
  • Splinting and positioning assistance
  • Activities of daily living (eating, bathing and dressing)
  • Car transfers
  • Homemaking activities

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While it is always the goal of the facility to assist all residents in their efforts to achieve maximum medical recovery, please be advised that clinical conditions can change which will necessarily affect the rehabilitation plan of care, timeline and goals. The facility will always use its best efforts and knowledge within the standard of care to achieve optimal results for every resident, but the facility cannot guarantee a specific outcome with respect to the healthcare of our residents.